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Tanja Koster - Captain

Tanja's on the water experience began at the age of two and has expanded to serving owners of power and sailing yachts world-wide to realize their cruising goals.  She has completed a circumnavigation of the world logging over 55,071nm offshore, and holds a 100 ton US Coast Guard Master's license. 

Tanja has focused on empowering people on and off the water for over 34 years.  As a certified mentor, with a master's degree in education, and a US Sailing Instructor, she has a special talent for identifying each person's skills and gradually supporting their growth one step at a time. Her proactive approach focuses on identifying and using individual strengths to turn challenges into successes.  


Tanja is fluent in English, Spanish, and Catalan.  .

Robert Barrett - Systems Engineer and Remote Consultant

Robert's vast knowledge of boat system’s maintenance and repair has developed over a life-time working on different diesel engines, hydraulic systems, and power generating equipment.  His professional experience includes twelve and a half years in the Air Force as a 7th level hydraulics, engine, airframe and power plant expert, lead mechanic for Martin Marietta, and road machinist for the Union Pacific as a Journeyman Mechanic. 

Helping you to help yourself, Robert coaches people, in person and remotely, to use all their senses to diagnose and resolve 

on-board system challenges. Building confidence in what your hands and eyes are leading into, he supports as much or as little as you desire. 

Being safe is paramount,” Robert explains, “You don’t get a second chance to be safe.”