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Cleaning Your Marine Diesel Engine 101

Owners who are enamored with their vessels can be found lovingly washing them down after a day out on the water. If they are sailors, they are flaking or rolling their sails enjoying every crinkling sound of the fabric and the feel of it on their forearms. Those who take particular pride in maintaining their vessel, might be found coiling or flaking and perfectly stowing each line, lovingly caressing the teak until it gleams with the depth of 8 - 12 coats, and one appreciates the double take of seeing the owner's face mirrored in the hull. But how many are returning to the engine room and lovingly wiping it down? How many of you would eat off the bilge under your engine? And yet, when life is going bad, is it not the engine we put all our hope and trust into; counting on it to pull us through? Confidence comes to those who have a reliable engine and most of us would rather invest our money in additional experiences than trips to the cherished mechanic.

In our newest video, gather the tools required and learn to clean your marine diesel engine avoiding the three “no go” zones, and pass on the tips shared so that others can also detect and correct failures early... before they become expensive repairs. Please share before and after photos of your marine diesel engine on our facebook page.

#earlydetectionsavesmoney #marinedieselmaintenance #cleanyourdiesel #boatengine #careforyourcrew

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