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Rekindle the Passion

Dreaming of the freedom and adventure in cruising on your own or with your sweetheart? Then eventually, you'll leap into the first really big step...purchasing the boat, followed by varying amounts of time preparing both vessel and crew. Several watch copious hours of videos and read online or hard copy sources on the matters, some have sailed smaller boats or have spent time aboard friends' boats near shore, others have worked their way up the ladder of courses offered by sailing schools, a few have spent a bit of time chartering boats in various beautiful destinations, while a select number climb aboard choosing to learn through trial and error. Whether through meticulous preparation lasting years, or hardly pausing before heading out on the water all vessels eventually hope to be untied, have their fenders stowed, and leave the docks and mornings behind. All fill with varying degrees of excitement and trepidation.

PED (Personalized External Defibrillator

Too much time at the dock can kill the dreams before they even yield experiences. Thus, it is important to intentionally maintain a health balance between completing on the dock projects and amounting sea time building competence and confidence. High spirits is the precious fuel bridging widening gaps between work projects and sailing "play", between blissful ignorance and confident competence, and between dreams and reality. Sailing practice in waters close to home and aboard your own vessel build vessel/crew trust, defibrillate the heart, and rekindle the passion to cruise.

Enjoy this short video summary of balanced cruising preparations. Planned

"sea time" is a PED (personalized external defibrillator), re-establishing the

project/sea time balance required for successful cruising preparations.

Plan these breaks in work or you might never leave the dock!

#rekindlethepassion #leavethedock #deviatefromthenorm #buildcompetenceandconfidence

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