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You name your car, you name your boat, you name your autopilot, but why don’t you name your diesel engine? Is it because it feels like an alien?

When you have an obstacle to overcome, a dependable engine has your back , supporting you unconditionally in your moment of need. Who else can you rely on to move you through an opposing current, to get you in when conditions deteriorate, to slow you down when you’re being pushed by Mother Nature herself? All this and more, it provides even without being uniquely identified with a name.

diesel instructors enjoying

Our mobile engine’s name is Rudolf, after the German mechanical engineer who invented the diesel engine. Salvaged out of a boat whose owner called it a “piece of junk” in frustration, Rudolf is now working with novices to de-alienate and de-mystify marine engines. Believe it or not, developing a deep understanding of a marine diesel is incredibly exciting, as all of us in this month’s Basic Marine Diesel Engine and Trouble Shooting course can attest! Tatiana shares, "It is 'alive', and it needs to be cared for!"

Knowing how the engine “feels” is a great motivator. Practicing with the support of a knowledgeable team is confidence-building. The insecurity, fear, and guilt often surrounding maintenance melt away while learning tricks of the trade from those who have been working on diesels of all sizes and shapes for years. Luana says it best, “I didn’t want to touch anything; I was afraid I was going to break something… I’m starting to see, anything I’m going to mess-up, I can fix!” From understanding its language, its struggles, and its basic needs, comes a sincere desire to shower it with loving care; the key to maximizing the longevity and reliability of your marine diesel engine.

excited participant

Helping the alien aboard, your diesel engine, become a cherished crew member.

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