Building Confidence on O'ahu

Whether motor or sail, boats are built to run. Like horses, they are happiest when freed from the lines that bind them; free to charge across the waves or engage in a rhythmic waltz with Mother Nature herself. For many, it is this promise of freedom which unites boats and their owners.

Modern day procedures being what they are, leaves very little time for owners to get to know the vessel before committing to a relationship. Dreams are born, papers are signed, and keys are exchanged. In short order, the vessel has become "the other woman" in his life or "the other man" in hers.

Infatuation may last a life-time, several months, or maybe only a few weeks. With use, questions arise: "Can I do this? What have I gotten into? Can I keep us safe?" Things may go wrong, pride may take a hit, but death tied to the dock is far more dismal. Intentionally build your competence to gain you well-placed confidence.

#youcan #buildcompetenceandconfidence #dreambig

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