Day 19

We have finally reached the Massawa (Mits’iwa) island group, a scattering of low lying, barren islands and coral reefs. The wind has now completely died and with so little room for fetch, the wild, three meter seas of yesterday morning have instantly turned to a bath. We’ve each traveled 3,665nm from Phuket, and 2,565 nm as a group in 19 days. News from the three French boats called the Pelican Group, who stopped in Djibouti, is that time on land is so nice though like old Africa, the roads are dirt and dusty. For us four, Pelican North, we’re biting at the bit. Only 3 miles more, the anchor will drop, and we all hope to celebrate together ashore. With such high hopes we are awaiting a swim and a shower with sweet water. Yet as I type and look at the sea, thousands of transparent and pink jellyfish glide past me. Oh, please swim on. Wind is changing, the northerlies just start, a faint breath on my skin. For two days here we will hide behind this "mountain", the tallest of them all, reaching only 20 meters high with steeps walls. Yellow, flat, steep, no beach, but a resting place just the same. ‘Till winds turn south, then we four boats will head out north on the Red Sea again.

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