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Preparing to Cross: Six Must-Do Inspections

"Permission to board," we ask before removing our street shoes and coming aboard to support owners and their vessels to make a crossing. The start of any length voyage is filled with great doses of excitement and there is never a shortage of work. Provisioning the right amount of food, water, fuel, tools, and supplies to perform underway repairs is very mentally consuming and requires a great deal of time. We always begin by carefully examining six key areas: engine, fuel, steering, bilge, navigation tools, and safety equipment. Take a look at what we found.

Removing rust on the rudder post bracket uncovered a stress crack clear through.

Even a seemingly clean fuel system can be challenged as

sediment sitting in the bottom of the tank is mixed throughout all the fuel in the tanks by stiff conditions.

Rust is a great indication of impending failure. Locate and repair the source of water intrusion, then

clean and replace rusting materials where needed.

As the departure date draws closer, "to do" lists seem to grow longer, and prioritizing becomes a necessity. Dividing a list into three parts: projects that require on shore service personal, projects that are critical to ensure the safety of crew and vessel, and those which can be completed while underway focuses time and resources while decreasing pre-departure stress. Plan to leave when the first two parts have been completed and be prepared to adjust your departure time if necessary. Making time to carefully inspect the ### areas of your vessel will minimize the risk of disaster at sea risks and support your successful passage.

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