August 17, 2019

February 13, 2019

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Light Wind Sailing - Not A Problem

July 20, 2018

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Trash to Class - A Diesel Engine

December 21, 2018


Called to remove a diesel engine from a boat, Robert tried to convince the owner the engine was good. Unfortunately, his involvement came to late; the owner had already lost confidence in the engine and could think of nothing more than getting rid of it.  In pieces when Robert arrived, the owner was all too happy to give it away.  Thus, what to do with the engine was quickly solved, and we gained a valuable  teaching tool.



The engine was brought to Robert's work-room, a temporary resting place for many new and gently used boat parts and materials in transition to new homes.  The first of its kind under this land-based roof, the rusty, corroded diesel engine was mounted on a dolly and covered with a repurposed sunbrella "custom" cover.  There it remained while I sailed further and further away with one set of clients and Robert was completely consumed supporting another. 



November began a month long period of scraping, rust treating, and discovery.  The more I cleaned, the more questions I asked of ever patient Robert.  One by one, the reasons for being deemed "unreliable" became undeniably clear: loose and incorrectly replaced fuel line connections, cracked gaskets, dirty zincs leading to constricted and totally blocked water passages, gunk-covered, scarred cylinders... its amazing it worked at all!