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July 20, 2018

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Transmission fluid 1, 2, 3

July 12, 2018


Transmission fluid 1, 2, 3


For engines with transmission fluid, a quarterly check, or more if used often, is recommended prevention.  For hydraulic transmissions, start by running the engine for a few minutes and then shut it down.


Check these 3 indicators:  


1. fluid level - how has it changed?  


2. viscosity - with a dab of oil between your pointer and thumb, pull fingers apart and look at the shape.  An hour glass shape means your oil is good. 


3. color - pink is good, maple syrup colored indicates abnormal wear on the clutch plate, and anything metallic is wear on gears, bearings, or bushings 


* smell - tranmission fluid will have a sweet smell. If it doesn't smell sweet and isn't pink, your transmission uses gear oil. Gear oil should be clear like oil. If abused it will take on a burnt color.


Generally, the transmission fluid can be pumped out with your oil pump.  To ensure a longer wear of the oil you're putting in, suck out the old oil, flush it with a little bit of new, and suck it back out again to remove all contaminants. Most transmissions operate on 30 weight or "F" type transmission fluids; the later is preferred. 


When finished, note the engine's hours in your maintenance log book.

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