Dreaming Big in Spain

Building new partnerships, teach2sail traveled inland to Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, Manresa Spain, to work with CLIL Catalonia's high level English language students. Tailoring the presentation to do more than bring aboard a new generation of sailors, this group of young adults and adults was encouraged to dream big and ACHIEVE that which seems impossible!

"Where do you want to go with your English skills" was the opening question. "I want to be a translator," "I want to travel" were the quick replies. For others, eyes rolled up and to the side in thoughtful consideration as the door to possibilities opened. Years of dedicated study took on a new form with purpose extending beyond this spoke in the wheel of a weekly routine.

Sailing offers a common language through which the non-biased lesson for navigating life's waters can be presented. Photos and video taken world-wide filled the room with excitement, questions, intrigue, and expanded conventional views and customs. Define the destination, set waypoints or short-term goals, gear up, push through the discomfort of change, and ACHIEVE that which is seemingly impossible. Sharing an authentic application of the steps makes them "real".

What is the a greater purpose for attending a language school? The sea of opportunities is limited only by the willingness to dream big.

#dreambig #inspirationalpresentation

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