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Pot of Gold

The fact that there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow is something full-time cruisers well know.

Taking on various forms, sizes, and shapes, its riches are untold. Proving dreams do exist, we share three of the many treasures that keep people committing to the cruising lifestyle.

1 ~ Secluded anchorages offering total freedom is the pot of gold for some. Here, sounds of life on land fade. Beeping, dinging, speakers blaring give way to fish slapping, little waves lapping, and small shrimp on the hull lightly crackling. The only chain encountered is the one between windlass and anchor, a little swim, a bit of talk. Allowing quiet to enter fuels the glow of peace and calm. In these dreamy anchorages, time stands still yet passes amazingly fast: a good book, a shower on deck, a gentle touch by the sun. Here, one is free to experience life in a pure and simple way. Existence is marked by a bite to eat, time off your feet, and being rocked slowly to sleep.

2 ~ Adventure is in the overflowing “pot” drawing cruisers voyaging to other lands. Once the transit is complete, a vessel turns back into a comfortable home, a place to return to rest, relax, and sleep. A dingy ride to shore marks the start of your unique story. Stroll through the town on foot, travel track roads in a local car, bicycle down trails less traveled, join locals on public transport, or jump into the sea. For those with a love for cooking, cruising really will suit you well, for a boat can be stocked with a wide array of the most delectable ingredients directly from their source. Caves, carvings, reefs, and jewels, mountains, museums, local markets, new customs and foods define only a few.

3 ~ Become a cruiser and you will quickly see, your circle of friends extend well beyond all boundaries.

Beach-side gatherings, or on a boat or two, sharing stories, celebrations, knowledge, and food is something people everywhere like to do. A cruising life-style is so very different than a weekend get-away. Since you carry your home with you, you have plenty of time to stay.

So enjoy the company, exploring together makes experiences so much fun. Cruising as a life-style choice, means you have a dynamic, flexible community.

A pot of gold given daily and one given to every soul, soon looses worth becoming commonplace and graciousness turns old. Thus Mother Nature lends a hand, shaking things up from time to time. For out of weather comes the pure joy finding a pot of gold can bring.

What is the treasure which lures you to cruise?

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