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Sailing In New Waters

In the "Land of the Long White Cloud," we found our voice! Embraced by a network of supporters from around the world, we were challenged to examine our work, our vision, and our goals; in other words, apply what we are dedicated to practice with others. Thank goodness we had a mentor ourselves. In answering her questions, our focus changed, turned down a different path, and then returned with increased conviction and drive.

In times of high energy, the work was easy. Then, the "wind would go out of the sails." Work continued powered by our own sense of commitment to our mentor. WE established the follow-up appointment, WE set the goal, our mentor committed on the level of support WE asked of her. Yet it was OUR created sense of accountability that kept us plugging forward.

Our mentor gave us the gift of her time: scheduled, limited, and undivided. It was so very precious, we prepared for it not wanting to waste even a single second. Half a world away, we needed internet access to connect, often challenging for us to obtain. On one particular occasion, we actually sailed through the night dropping anchor in a bay close to Auckland. Three hours later, we awoke, pulled anchor, and headed to the marina where we had reserved a berth. On the way, a backpack was prepared with the computer, its plug and corresponding country adapter, notebook, pen, and phone. We timidly slid Dragonsbane into the designated travel bay unsure if the slip would be available so early. It was free! We tied, grabbed the backpack, ran to the internet room, got the computer connected, notebook open, pen uncapped, talking points reviewed, and even had time for a centering breath before connecting. It was five o'clock am for us, noon for her on the other side of the world.

Conversations with mentors are always deep, full of questions, pauses to think, and are clarifying. Answers are always ours to discover. Mentoring is non-judgmental leaving one empowered and in control of their own outcomes. Early in our own work to find our voice, a subconscious decision was made to take a break. Working after work, for weeks un-end, we simply ran out of steam and days soon turned into weeks. Suddenly the meeting WE had requested to speak with our mentor was upon us and we had done absolutely nothing done.

We texted. Waited. Then came her reply...

"Baby steps forward. You can do this!"

Winds have changed, are favorable and far-reaching. teach2sail has found its voice and clarity is growing. Though-out this process, we have received various levels of support from so many people world-wide at all hours of day and night. Thank you! Every single bit of feedback has been valued and used to shape what we are today. It has been an affirming journey, not nearly complete as our mentor and those closest well know. One filled with uncertainty, hope, exhaustion, self-doubt, humility, and excitement.

Growth is a dynamic process.

#newroad #facethefear #support #change

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