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February 13, 2019

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Light Wind Sailing - Not A Problem

July 20, 2018

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Two Crossed Off the Bucket List

March 11, 2017


"It's always been one of my bucket list items to visit Great Barrier Island."

"I had the opportunity to sail when I was young, but past it over. I've wondered about it ever since." Supporting individuals and couples in gaining the skills and confidence to “cruise", we enjoyed a four day cruise with two new sailors.


A black duffel, bag of snorkeling gear, and a red cooler were passed from the dock, across the short water divide, to Dragonbane's waiting cockpit. Clarice and Jim stepped off mainland New Zealand quite ambitious and brave; this was to be their first ever cruise by sail.  Sharing in provisioning, delicious vegetables and herbs from their garden, steaks from their favorite butcher, and a very special bottle of anniversary wine were carefully stowed. We looked forward to the food,  stories, and fellowship to come. 


Casting our lines, safety briefing complete, Dragonsbane was eased out of her berth.  Excitement grew as all teamed to set the vessel in motion and tacked to a nearby anchorage for lunch. Clarice and Jim took turns at the helm and on the winches.


Laughing, trolling, launching the spinnaker, and later dousing it, the day quickly slipped by. Passing between islands, winds and waves were a bit rough, all hands were on deck, and the sun gradually lowered into the sea.  Hush settled in and Dragonsbane silently slipped through the narrow channel, guided by the moonlight, taking rest in Smokehouse Bay. Silhouettes of other vessels, each lit by one sole white light, were the only indication of neighbors. 




"Our bucket is always getting filled. We are so very lucky that we are all open to let the flow come into our lives. Our time together gave us a real good look at a world of sailing that most likely would not have been presented to us. It was far more encompassing than what we anticipated. Thanks for the pleasure and the memories."




               A four day adventure, the island explored and sampled, two bucket list items achieved.  

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