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Nighttime Passages

Leaving Auckland 2:00am for Kawua Island

Peaceful, quiet, and magical, sailing at night is one of my most favorite times to sail. Whether near a major city like Auckland or in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, night passages are a very special time to be underway.

Cruising at night, time slows. Though darkness restricts daytime vision, at nightfall senses come alive to engage with city lights, moon and stars in a beautiful dance. The challenge of counting and dividing time between the responsibilities of career, home, nourishing relationships, and attending to other responsibilities are left behind. Cruising at night, amongst the company of friends, voices soften, conversations deepen, and life slows way, way down.

One by one, each person aboard drifts off to bed. On watch alone in such a peaceful setting, I can simply exist, freeing my mind from all thoughts. It is both rejuvenating and invigorating.

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