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Supporting  as you cast the lines and cruise onboard your own vessel!

Offshore trainings, shake-down cruises, or joining for the first leg(s) of your voyage builds skills and confidence while cruising aboard your own vessel.  Highly qualified as a captain and mentor of sailing and motor yachts, instruction is 100% customized to sharpen the nautical skills of each person aboard. Invite an "ol salty" aboard and enjoy the start of your cruising experience to the fullest.
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Our Cruising Grounds

beautiful watersjpeg.jpeg

The Caribbean Sea                                                 Atlantic Ocean 2020

Warm temperatures, turquoise waters, and more than 7,000 individual islands within nearly 1 million square miles makes this gorgeous cruising grounds.Train early, become skilled with passage-making, build competence, and sail continually with confidence!
March 3 - 27       - booked
April  27 - May 4 - not available
May   06 - 13       - booked

The Islands of Hawai'i  - sailing                           Pacific Ocean   2019/20

Whether you're looking to escape the cold, humid weather at home or are an island resident who bought a vessel, trainings are customized to achieve your boating goals and those of each person onboard. Bring those with whom you wish to sail, strengthen as a team, work more effectively as a couple, or single hand. 
Individualized trainings at all levels, inter-island, offshore, and weekend, allow you to build the type of training that best fits your sailing goals and suits your time frame.  
October 28 -  1    - booked                                             January   3-5         - booked                 
November   9       - booked                                             February 1-14       - booked          
November 11-15 - booked                                             February 17-23     - booked
November 18-19 - booked                                             March 28 - April 11 - booked
December 25       - booked
diesel engine course.jpg

Oahu, Hawai'i  - Marine Diesel Engine  Basics -course     Pacific Ocean 2019

~A hands-on basic diesel engine class specifically designed for boaters and mariners
  wishing to become her or his own diesel mechanic. The three hours a day, five
  day schedule ensures time to experience each system without feeling overwhelmed.
~Our course is limited to eight students ensuring hands-on practice servicing,      
   troubleshooting, and repairing our land-based engine.  
~Return to your boat with experience and confidence.  
                   This class is full:  thank you for your interest

Alaska - voyaging                                                  Pacific Ocean 2019

~ sea otters, whales, puffins, salmon...
    Alaska holds riches in the sea and on land, and this summer is the perfect time to visit!
July 26 - September 18 - booked

The Islands of Hawai'i  - sailing                           Pacific Ocean   2019

How many of these beautiful anchorages have you experienced?  Let us help you build the confidence to explore...nearby at first, and then just a little bit further.  Why not? 
July    1 -  3 - booked
July    4 -  7 - booked
July         12 - booked

Southern California  - sailing                Pacific Ocean   2019

Doing our part to keep the spirit of sailing flourishing, you'll find us back in southern California this month building competence and confidence in casting off, docking, and heading offshore.  The spirit of excitement to leave the docks is high here, and we're honored to play a small part in turning dreams into reality.
June 13 - 19 - booked
June 20 - 26 - booked

Oahu,  Hawaii  USA     - sailing                                Pacific Ocean 2019

Back in familiar waters, we're focusing on introducing more people to the wonderful world of sailing.  Warm water, laid-back locals, and rainbows make this a special place to sail rain or shine.
May 2 -  4 - booked
May 7 -11 - booked
May      12 - booked
May 14-15 -booked
May 21-23 -booked 

Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Suez Canal - voyaging     North Indian Ocean 2019

Provisioned with Thailand's riches, we will sail nine days to Sri Lanka where we'll meet the crew of six other vessels.  Together,  we will embark on a twenty four day crossing as a "group transit".  Upon passing through "The Corridor," we will once again sail in freedom limited only by the prevailing northerlies in the north the Red Sea. One month later, we will reenter the Mediterran, thus closing the gap in a circumnavigation.
February-  April - booked
discover colorful boats in Thailand

Phuket, Thailand  and beyond  - cruising                North Indian Ocean 2019

Starting in Phuket Island, cruise Thailand's southern most islands during the "cool" season. Slip into the crystal waters surrounding towering limestone karats and explore "hongs" such as Emerald Cave carved by the Andaman Sea.  Fresh provisions are plentiful here as well as fabulous meals ashore. This is a rich place to drop anchor and explore small fishing towns, rich cultures, and Phra Taew National Park.
January  05 -  29 - booked
February 01 - 08 - booked
February -  March - booked
My Movie.jpg

Southern California,  USA  - seminars                   Pacific Ocean 2018

Stepping on land for a few days, we look forward to meeting you at one of the following seminars. Co-hosted by local organizations, please contact them to reserve your seat!
November 23 - Wo - man Overboard ~ a 2 hour clinic focused on the techniques and maneuvers to quickly and effectively retrieve a person out of the water. The first part of the clinic will be classroom practicing recovery methods. The second half, we'll go out on a sailboat and practice those methods.
San Diego Women's Sailing (955 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego)
November 24 - Body Mechanics and Basic Diesel Engine Maintenance ~ a 3 hour clinic focused on the techniques to reduce body strain when yachting. The second part of the clinic will focus on diesel maintenance to detect troubles before they become costly.
Chula Vista Marina  (550 Marina Pkwy, Chula Vista)

San Francisco - Mexico,  USA   - cruising                  Pacific Ocean 2018

Venturing "out the gate" and heading south, a voyage traveled by many at this time of year. Rather than rushing down the coast, try stopping along the way. 
October  29 - November 18 - booked

San Francisco,  USA    - seminar +                        Pacific Ocean 2018

Heading back to the Bay to support sailors at the height of the area's most spectacular sailing season.  If you're participating in this year's Baja Ha-Ha, start preparing early with week-long journeys. Providing just the right level of support for each person aboard, will help build confidence for the longer journey ahead, and shakedown cruises are a must for those wishing to minimize underway repairs.  Whether you're venturing "out the gate" for the first time or joining the rally, allow us to support you in making it a success.
October       06 - 07  - Blind Sails SF Bay
October       01 - 05 - booked
September 22 - 23 - Join us at IYC Women's Sailing Seminar

Oahu,  Hawaii  USA     - sailing                                Pacific Ocean 2018

Oh, the places you can go on a cruising boat.  Rather than spend the winter in snow, consider sailing to beautiful Hawaii.  Take time to explore Oahu's diverse regions boasting the city's tropical glamour, central Oahu's World War II history, rural towns on the leeward coast, the north shore's big wave surfing, and the windward coast's mountain trails and lush valleys.  Warm water, laid-back locals, and rainbows make this a special place to stay.
September 01 - 08 - booked
September 11 - 18 - booked

Nantucket, Massachusetts  USA    - sailing       Atlantic Ocean 2018

Enjoy this beautiful time of year in a location boasting island living, loads of cultural events, and a super active boating community.  Whether you have a motor or sailing yacht,  you can rent a mooring or anchor to watch fleets of wooden and fiberglass boats boats race several times a week, or head into town where houses and businesses are all cedar clad structures greyed from the weather and decorated with flowers.  We are available to support your voyage up the coast.  
August 16 - 28 - booked

August 01 - 15 - booked

Maine,  USA       - sailing                                         Atlantic Ocean 2018

At this time each year, motor and sailing yachts staying near east coast USA are drawn to Maine's dramatic coast line.  This year, we will be available to support your voyage up the coast. In Maine, one can experience quaint towns and historic harbors, explore uninhabited islands with glistening bays, hike in Acadia National Park, and enjoy local cuisine including lobster and blueberries. 
July  15 - 25 - booked

July    1 - 14 - booked

USA - Azores - Mediterranian   -  sailing                 Atlantic Ocean 2018

Are you ready to cross the "Pond"?  We are here to support the start of your cruising lifestyle in the Mediterranean.  Build confidence as you provision your own vessel, gather and interpret weather information, and practice safety skills using equipment you carry aboard.  Pause to tour the romantic Azores Islands.  Bridge the gap between coastal cruising and a life-style change while realizing your cruising dreams. 


June  1 - 15 - booked

May   1 - 31 - booked

Santa Barbara/San Fransisco   - boat show +              Pacific Ocean 2018

Whether your sights are set on a cruise to French Polynesia or Alaska, now is the time to prepare.  Multi-day sea trials, otherwise known as shake down cruises, are the only way to uncover and address vessel and crew challenges that won't appear in typical overnight and day sails.  Hone the practical skills you'll rely on to successfully and safely make your crossing.  Reduce mishaps while still within easy reach of land-based services.  Plan for success and leave with confidence!
April    24 - 28 - booked
April    19 - 22  - see us at the Pacific Sail and Power Show Richmond, CA
March 16 - 25  - booked

March   8 - 15  - booked

Oahu, Hawaii  USA                               Pacific Ocean 2017/2018

Fly into Honolulu, Hawaii and stroll down Waikiki Beach before setting sail.
For non-sailors, build basic skills while sailing to special day anchorages. Swim with sea turtles and other marine life before heading back.  For those looking to build cruising experience and who have a love for adventure, plan a multi-day circumnavigation of the island or a cruise to nearby Kauai, "the Garden Island".  Surf, swim beside dramatic cliffs, and hike rainforest trails.

February   16 - 22, 2018 - booked

November   1 - 21, 2017 - booked

San Francisco, California  USA                   Pacific Ocean 2017

Build or hone your skills while sailing in San Francisco Bay.
Women On Board and World Cruising courses.  For those preparing to cruise, head under the Golden Gate Bridge and out on a multi-day sea trial! Build skills and confidence aboard your own vessel!
For non-sailors and experienced ones alike.

December   1 - 12  - booked

October       1 -   9  - booked

October     13 - 23  - booked

September 24-30  - booked

Oahu, Hawaii  USA                                        Pacific Ocean 2017

Fly into Honolulu, Hawaii and stroll down Waikiki Beach before setting sail.
For non-sailors, build basic skills while sailing to special day anchorages. Swim with sea turtles and other marine life before heading back.  For those looking to build cruising experience and who have a love for adventure, plan a multi-day circumnavigation of the island or a cruise to nearby Kauai, "the Garden Island".  Surf, swim beside dramatic cliffs, and hike rainforest trails.


August 21 - 27, 2017 – booked

August 31 - Sept 7, 2017 - booked

The Whitsunday Islands, Australia              Pacific Ocean 2017

100 Magic Miles of cruising ground ensures your visit to a minimum of three islands in a five-day period. Walk the beaches, snorkel, and explore their beauty. 
For non-sailors and experienced ones alike and all courses. 

May  29 – 02, 2017      booked

June 03 – 07, 2017      booked

June 09 – 13, 2017     3 guest spots remaining

June 13 - 20, 2017      booked

June 23 - 28, 2017      booked

New Caledonia to Mackay Australia  917nm       Pacific Ocean 2017

Earn sea time while building your off-shore skills during this nine-day crossing. Sail through the Great Barrier Reef and clear into a foreign port.
For experienced sailors and passage-making course participants  

May 8 – 19, 2017      no availability

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