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Remote Consultation & Trouble-Shooting


Empowering you to continue cruising, teach2sail offers remote consultation for system diagnostics and repair aboard your motor or sailing yacht.


                     "There's no reason for us to doubt now!"  S.S.

Do It Yourself!  We're here to empower you with the knowledge to navigate your challenges.

                   "Robert did a great job encouraging me to change the impeller on the engine, and kept encouraging me each time I wanted to give up.  I bought a fancy tool to do it which didn’t work in the end. I returned it and got the tools he suggested.  With enough leverage and will power, we put it back in.  It has been working ever since."   H.H.

Learn about your particular system while resolving the challenges which arise.

Before heading into an unfamiliar boat yard, connect with our systems engineer to learn more about your mechanical issue.  

                      "I accidentally filled my gas tank with diesel #2.  Everything was closed and no-one offered any help. I was told I would need to contact the state to dispose of it. I contacted Robert and he gave me an anecdote right away."    R.R. 

Various packages to fit your needs.  

remote system diagnostics & support

remote system diagnostics & support

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