Inspiring and empowering others is our passion.

Large boat shows, yacht clubs, marinas, schools, community centers, or private gatherings, we are highly qualified educators who facilitate engaging, interactive seminars.  We long to work with you tailoring each seminar to the participants. 

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"These sorts of classes are greatly appreciated. I definitely think you should do more and more of them." C.L.  

It was a great pleasure to have you at our school! We understood the message! We’ll “put it into practice” !   O.N.

"I adored and admired your presentation at the boat show today!"  M.F.

  A Few of Our Seminars

Sensitivity Matters

Use your senses to be alerted to subtle changes onboard. Attending to these changes early greatly reduces spur of the moment, stressful,  higher cost repairs. Use your senses to identify and correct common problems typically drawing money from the cruising kitty.

Body Mechanics

Remove age and gender restrictions typically associated with cruising and sailing.  In this demonstration and participant practice seminar, apply body mechanics and levers which use the body's big muscles to  safely manage sailing’s “heavy” jobs.

Diesel Maintenance

"An ounce of prevention is worth a thousand cures." Gaining the knowledge and confidence to maintain your own engine transfers to trouble shooting and correcting the most common failures. Whether at sea or a remote island, you CAN do it!

Go For It

In this inspirational seminar, learn from women world-wide who have dared to move outside their comfort zone, confronted change and adversity, and challenged their fears to live their dreams. You're never too old to change your life and attain your goals.

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