Women-On-Board Courses


Invite us onboard your vessel for personalized instruction or increase the fun by planning a women's only event. Surrounded by this supportive community, individualized instruction designed by professional women in the maritime industry, fulfills the desires and needs of all onboard.  Guaranteed to build your power boating, sailing, or cruising skills in a supportive environment.  

Individualized to meet the specific needs of each person aboard, topics often include:


  • safety and orientation

  • leading safety checks and procedures

  • gathering and interpreting weather information

  • navigating and plotting a course

  • navigational rules

  • docking and leaving the dock

  • anchoring, maneuvering, and securing a yacht

  • basic engine maintenance

  • managing heel & reefing in stiff winds

  • trimming sails and adjusting sail plan

  • using the autopilot as an additional crew member

  • watch-keeping

Your captain's work in the maritime industry and passion for empowering women will ensure your growth and success.  Voyage confidently.

women sailing - teach2sail

"Your enthusiasm and energy are so contagious that added to the experience of spending those hours with you on my boat.  Invaluable for anyone who wants to become a better sailor."    N.H.

"We appreciate how you challenged us, coaxed us and gave us confidence in our lessons with you. "  S.M.