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we sailed as a team_edited

"We sailed as a team." J.Z. "I learned how to steer a boat when it was VERY windy and through a tight channel!" (10 years old)

rekindle the passion for sailing

"Tanja helped me rekindle the passion for sailing. Not feeling stressed, just relaxing and enjoying!" J.D.

Sailing was on my "bucket list".

"This was on my "bucket list," but I didn't think I'd really be doing it. Tanja's an awesome teacher!" D.D.

new boat owners set sail

"Why would anyone want to set sail without having you aboard first?" T.D.

"She not only helped me to put in march everything, she added strength, confidence and profound support to the hole dream. It was finally because of her that I could turn it into reality." E.G.

Your instructions were sequential an

"Your instructions were sequential and detailed and gave both of us the confidence to go forward with this 'later-in-life-experience' of learning to sail our own boat in our 70s!" N.H.


"Our conversations that followed helped me not only realize how much I actually know about sailing but helped me embrace confidence in my skill level." M.F.

"Our experience with you has been absolutely the highlight of our last year and a half’s journey since buying our boat, and you have absolutely made us know what we need to do to get out there and cruise" S.S.

"This experience has made me realize that some of the concerns I had with sitting in the doldrums and having troubles, I am able to overcome. I'm glad I went through it with you. As a result, I have more confidence that I am able to get through the hard times." T.K.

"You guys are great at teaching and explained it in a very simple way that even us, that know nothing, were able to sail." Y.M.

"A pleasure to have onboard. There were so many highlights..." M.S.

"Your experience helped make us both feel like we were learning and sailing ourselves whilst knowing that you always had an eye on things to keep all safe and in control."

It was exciting and challenging, made all the better knowing much more about how to sail and organize life on a yacht.

...a REAL experience. True heart felt exchange.

... an unforgettable experience.


It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.

What a pleasure it is to know both of you and a joy to spend so much time together. A family away from home...Not to mention the fun we had..

...not only exciting and fun, but was a first-hand opportunity to see what "team" is all about.

...a marvelous time sailing, swimming, singing, and laughing. You're so warm hearted people.

...enjoyed swapping stories of the sailing and the people and places visited

Such a pleasure to be aboard!

Always nice to be with you on Dragonsbane.

I appreciate the experience of true teamwork and partnership

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