September 25, 2018

The top of the pack, the pick of the stack, fair winds, and smiling faces filled into Alameda Marina as Island Yacht Club's 26th annual Women's Sailing Seminar got underway. In anticipation, IYC volunteers  were in the club house at 6:00am cooking home-made foods, putt...

Can you paint the sides of your vessel from the water in a dingy alone?  Working with a team always makes work lighter and more fun, however it is possible to use the tip and roll method to apply paint to a hull alone.  

Follow manufacturers directions for mixing t...

Though local TV continued to give warnings for Oahu, Hawaii, the 6:00 pm national news told of hurricane Lane’s change to being oval in shape, breaking up, and heading away from Oahu at a snail’s pace. The Big Island and Maui continued to get buried in rain causing sev...

July 26, 2018

Checking the exhaust on your boat is like checking the air in your car tires.  You have to have water coming out of your exhaust for your engine to run smoothly. A lack of water will cause hoses to swell and the engine to get hot or overheat.

Follow these 4 st...

July 20, 2018

A great afternoon sail in Nantucket Harbor started with a light wind. We gently glided, protected from the Atlantic’s waves, and launched a big, red spinnaker.  As the wind continued to drop, we employed our light wind strategies.  How many of these do you use to keep...

July 12, 2018

Transmission fluid 1, 2, 3

For engines with transmission fluid, a quarterly check, or more if used often, is recommended prevention.  For hydraulic transmissions, start by running the engine for a few minutes and then shut it down.

Check these 3 indicators:  

1. flui...

May 30, 2018

When working on your engine or taking apart another system, always use the right tool for the right job. Taking proper care of your hardware will allow reuse, will ensure proper torque, and won't round off the heads or tool attachment points.

Here a...

April 30, 2018

For those wishing to increase sailing experience, crewing on a multi-day passage is an exciting opportunity to apply basic sailing skills, gain new ones, and share in achieving something great as a member of a team.  The following five responsibilities are general guid...

March 28, 2018

Sheltered anchorages behind tiny islands where you very well might be the only vessel anchored, perfect thirteen to fifteen knot winds in protected, turquoise waters, healthy, vibrant reefs waiting to be snorkeled, good food, and friendly people are just some of the tr...

January 24, 2018

A properly trimmed jib, or headsail, helps balance your boat, increases speed, and decreases heal. But where do you fix your gaze while pulling on the jib sheet?

Here are three places to gaze leading towards a well-trimmed jib.

  1. Start with your eyes near the luff as y...

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