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about teach2sail's Captain Tanja

Our Past Makes Us Strong

Returning to her childhood roots, Tanja embarked on a 

circumnavigation of the world and lived a cruising lifestyle.  Enroute, she was pushed to identify her own strengths, overcome 

challenges,  embrace diversity both on land and at sea, and step outside her comfort zone opening new learning opportunities

teach2sail, an international project, is an extension of the people and lessons she encountered along the way.  An educator and 

seaman at heart, Captain Tanja's contagious personality really comes alive while mentoring owners to live their cruising dreams.

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child:

Inviting you to take a look at CRAB, a literacy program that is 

positively impacting students on Long Island, Bahamas.

CRAB* (Caught Reading A Book) encourages reading by offering students experiences as rewards.  Educators, locals, expatriates, and businesses, have teamed to build libraries, fill them with high-interest, leveled books, engage children in regularly scheduled "book chats", and expand students' experiences thereby effectively  raising reading interest and skills.  The consistent one-on-one meetings between adult volunteers and students communicate the life-changing message, "You are a unique and special person".  The positive impact of this ever-growing group of volunteers has attracted the attention of the Ministry of Education and neighboring islands.  


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Our Mission

Empower people with the skills which inspire confidence.

Our Vision

We, at teach2sail, serve as an international platform empowering individuals and organizations with skills and confidence to achieve their goals.

More specifically teach2sail:

  • supports individuals and couples in gaining the skills and confidence to “cruise”

  • empowers women to feel self confident in the face of diversity

  • facilitates and supports individuals and organizations to identify their strengths, push through challenges, take a leap of faith, and to grow

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