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“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.” 
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Our past makes us strong

Returning to her childhood roots, Tanja embarked on a circum-navigation of the world and lived a cruising lifestyle. En-route, she was pushed to identify her own strengths and challenges,  embrace diversity both on land and at sea, and step outside her comfort zone opening new learning opportunities. teach2sail, an international project, is an extension of the people and lessons she encountered along the way.  An educator and seaman at heart, Captain Tanja's contagious personality really comes alive while mentoring owners to live their cruising dreams.

Taking empowerment just one step further, Tanja teamed with Robert, a master mechanic, hydraulic specialist, and all systemsengineer, to offer a revolutionary level of support, remote systems consultation.  Guiding you to diagnose and make your own repairs, Robert is gifted in making "shop talk" easily understood for everyone. There when you need him most, Robert empowers owners world-wide with the skills and confidence to continue cruising. 

teach2sail, an international project, a vision, a platform, and evidence that every goal is attainable to anyone with the will and desire to take a leap of faith.


Our Mission

To empower people with the confidence and skills to "cruise".

Our Vision

We, at teach2sail, use the skills of sailing as the vehicle to empower individuals and organizations with skills and confidence.

More specifically teach2sail:

  • empowers women to feel self confident in the face of diversity

  • supports individuals and couples in gaining the skills and confidence to “cruise”

  • facilitates and supports anyone with a desire to identify their own strengths and push through challenges